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Water cycle/ El ciclo del agua

We just recently did the water cycle unit in my class and let me tell you how powerful music is in a lesson. Our brain makes quicker and long term connections with music. I can still recall a song my 6th grade teacher taught me (for a test) to recite prepositions in the Yankee Doodle melody. Everything else is a blur from 6th grade except the song. Ha! So I thought how fun if their was a Spanish water cycle song, but unfortunately the resources compared to English are very slim. So I thought why not make one myself.  And I did, I used the melody of (if your happy and you know it clap your hands) & just focused on the vocabulary words evaporaci√≥n, condensaci√≥n y precipitaci√≥n in the song. These are my actual students singing the song! Both my native Spanish speakers and non-native student learned the song so well. I even got to hear them use the song as they completed their independent assignment when trying to remember the order of the water cycle.


I’ve Attached here the song I wrote if you would like to use it in your class. Let me know how it works out!In my water cycle unit you can find the booklet and items we used in class.

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