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The 3 forms of Energy/ Las 3 formas de energia

We are currently learning about the 3 forms of energy in my 2nd grade Dual Language class. We start our lesson each day with our “energy song” that I made up using a traditional Mexican song called “La Raspa”. We sing it in Spanish of course. 

Click below to hear our song! 
The kids absolutely love this and it even works as a little brain break with all the physical movement required. It wakes them up and gets them ready to learn. 
Here is the actual assignment they complete with this unit. 
First they began to work with their bilingual partners and talk and sort the cards into the 3 forms of energy and explain why. There are a total of 18 cards to sort.
After that, students will have observe the busy picture and label where they 3 forms of energy can be observed. They will then explain what form of energy they found on the bottom. After that they will sort images by the form of energy and glue the descriptive strips into the correct energy.
You can find this unit in my TPT store. Just click on the image below.
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