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Rules and Laws

We just learned all about Rules and Law in class this week. We talked about how good citizens follow the rules in laws in our community. As a class we brain stormed and shared some rules and laws that they already knew about. After that we tied their previous knowledge with the sort game to other rules and laws they probably did not know about. They did this game with their bilingual partners. They would read the cards aloud and discuss which would be a law or rule and why. When they finished I would go around and check their sort and ask to to make corrections if needed. 

 After they were successful with their sort game of rules and laws. They were allowed to move to activity #2. Their they would complete a Venn diagram to compare how law and rules are different and how they are similar. 
 On the opposite side of this page they would then explain why is it important to have laws. This was my favorite part of the assignment because it made them think deep and picture in their heads how that would be. I would hear really good discussion between partners sharing how crazy it would be without laws and how unsafe they would be. After that they topped it off with a nice illustration of a law in their community.
 Now, let me give you a fair warning it dose not fail to happen every year. Your kiddos will start sharing about their parents being pulled over, of how they got a ticket in great detail. What can I saw they are pulling from their previous knowledge to make new connections in school!!!! LOL!!!! If you would like to use this in your class you can grab one at my TPT store in both English and Spanish.
Thank you and have a blessed day! 
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