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Free Texas Symbols in Spanish & English

Hello, today I wanted to share my Texas symbols booklet. It comes in both Spanish and English and best of all it’s FREE. It covers all the important symbols the students need to know such as Bluebonnet, Armadillo, Mockingbird, Pecan tree and more. They first identify the name of each symbol. Then they identify what each symbol represents for the state of Texas. After that students will write the color and a fact of each symbol. I love this booklet in particular because the students create their own SEESAW video teaching about the symbols they learned. Check out one of my student’s video so you can get an idea. 
It is so fun to watch my dual language student’s videos. The best part is when the video is uploaded it goes strait to the parents and they get to enjoy what their child did at school that day. I have gotten great feedback from parents and how much they love watching their child learn. If you haven’t used SEESAW in your class yet, go!!! Also now they have a new feature where you can use the app as a way of communication to all parents or individual parents. I find this easier to use then my email. It’s super quick, easy and conveniently located on my phone. I also love it better then the app “remind”.
I hope you find this booklet useful and beneficial for your students. Let me know how it goes and send me pictures too! Click on the image below to grab your Freebie!
Happy Learning!

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  1. Abel Carrasco

    thanks so much for this freebie . I truly appreciate it.

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