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Free Parent Conference Forms

Ready or not here they come!!!! Get ready for parent conferences with these free forms. I have them both in Spanish and English to help support our bilingual and Dual Language classrooms. These forms make it easier for my colleague and I to prepare for our parent face to face meetings. Tammy teaches the English portion for half of the day and I teach the Spanish. So, we divide and conquer. She fills out all the forms for the English students while I fill out all the forms for the Spanish students. We focus most of our attention to inform the parent about the child’s progress in their native language. Since it’s the most important in the lower grades to build a strong foundation. A student will have difficulties learning a second language if their native language is not solid strong. Tammy and I are both present at the conference to inform to each parent about our portion of information. We talk about our concerns & suggestions and provided answers to any of their questions. The forms makes the whole process nice and smooth. I also love the prep time because it give me the opportunity to really sit and think of the important information I need to address for each student. So, my dear blogger friend click on the link below if you would like your own copy. 

 Happy Conferencing šŸ™‚

Here’s a pic of Tammy my Dual Language partner!
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