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Classroom tips & tricks

I wanted to share with you today some random tips and trick for you to consider. I have added some pretty exciting items into my classroom this week. I find myself this year adding privileges at a slower pace. This years class is one of my most challenging classes ever, academically & behaviorally as they are testing my 7 years of managing a classroom. Boy oh boy! I still love my little stinkers though.

TIP#1 Use a microphone in class šŸ™‚
 Here is my pride & joy my small speaker & microphone!! This bad boy works like a charm. I made a big deal of how fun/privilege it is to speak in the microphone. I used it particularly today to ask academic questions and have them say their answer on the mic. The kids engagement and participation blew out of the roof. As a bonus it saved that petite voice of mine. I’m not natural loud so this carries my voice to every corner of my room.
Tip#2 Light it up!

I made my reading area a little more exciting. I just added some LED strip lights and boom! Here are some on Amazon that are even better then mine, these actually change color. “Click Here” How exciting is this for 7 year old students!  I’m going to make them earn a “Flash Light Friday” and sit near the LED lights.

 I used these lights last year under my whiteboard and would turn it on anytime we would do Go-Noodle. They also loved that a bunch.

 Tip#3 leave random messages to students
Leave a special message at the end of the day when your students leave to those that you feel did something important or special that day. Even better just simply spread some kindness and joy to give them a little boost. šŸ™‚ It’s always the little things that mean the most and are always the ones they carry in their memories for a lifetime. 

Well, that is all I have for today. I hope you found some inspirations and ideas. Have a blessed day!

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