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Christmas in my classroom

This year Christmas was a hit in my classroom! The best part of this year in my classroom was our parent gifts. I did not have to spend much money like I usually do every year. Especially with the fact that I switch classes between the day so I truly have around 33-40 kids a year (expensive). So this year students created a calendar full of their illustrations for the 2018 year. I just provided the drawing for each month to guide my 2nd graders and the took off. After they finished they drew a Santa on the envelope and we glued his nose. Here are some examples below.
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We also did some fun writing about a multi-step process. Students created a snowman by mixing shaving cream with Elmer’s glue. After that students wrote all they steps they did to create their cute snowman.

 I also tried a new incentive in my classroom this year! My students had all the month of December to earn 10 tickets to purchase some wrapping paper. They would earn the tickets randomly with various good behavior and participation in class. I would then wrap their desk with the wrapping paper of choice. By our Christmas party our desk were all wrapped and it looked so festive & fun for our party! 
It was an absolute blast! 
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