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Product of the American Dream

This new design is to honor all immigrants and all their decedents here in the United States. Immigrants having to usually start from zero with no English, no home, no job but work passionately hard in the simplest of jobs to provide their family better opportunities. Days become months, months become years of intense physical labor to finally call a piece of land and bricks their home. In return the following generations take the opportunities a step further by going attending a University becoming the first in their family to graduate High school and hold a professional degree.

As an American citizen and daughter of an immigrant my story goes very much along those lines. My very determined father crossed the ocean from Colombia at a young age arriving on the Florida shores. He somehow with no English and a couple of bucks found his way to New Jersey. Later on he met my Puerto Rican mom and I was brought into this world. My dad’s jobs where the simplest and least wanted jobs but he so gladly took them as they provided well enough for his family back in Colombia and now his new little family of 3. Years passed and he became a citizen and we moved to Texas as he decided to become an entrepreneur in the Nintendo business. Success after success came our way as he worked hard for everything we had. Fast forward: I was the first to graduate from High School and the University from my family. I became a bilingual teacher, my brother a current seminarian studying to become a Catholic priest, the youngest brother studying Computer Science and sister actively serving in the U.S. Navy. As my son now is heading for his first year at a University I can only sit back and reflect on how much fruit immigrants cultivate to the American soil. So much blessing and fruit! This is only one small story of a “child of an immigrant” imagine all the other countless untold stories.

This design is for you dad, thank you for the American Dream!

This design is available at my website
in 3 different phrases (Child of an immigrant, Child of immigrants, Immigrant)
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