Bilingual Teacher shirts

Do you need bilingual teacher t-shirts? I am so excited to share with you my love & passion in designing bilingual teacher t-shirts. I my self am a bilingual teacher and it’s truly hard to come by any bilingual teacher tees! Here you will find my latest designs I have created and hope you will find them inspirational to use in your classroom. 
My first is “Dímelo en español” which means “Say it in Spanish” Many teachers can relate with the importance for our students to speak Spanish in our classrooms. Sometimes it’s even the only place they speak Spanish. So to encourage our little friends here is this lovely shirt as a reminder.

This shirt comes in 3 colors black, teal and white. To order any of my designs just click on this link: The Breezy Bilingual Shop
These are other bilingual t-shirts that you will find in my shop as well. 
  Bilingual is Beautiful – Bilingüe es Bello
Born to teach Bilinugals
Si me ven, voy camino a vacaciones or just pick the original “voy camino de Belén”.
Cafecito en mi Saloncito
and their are many more designs to choose from and new designs released frequently so please visit my shop frequently for new updates!

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  1. Cris
    1 year ago

    Hola hola!!

  2. Melissa Gerend
    1 year ago

    Super cute shirts! I’m so glad I came across your website this evening!

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