How to organize chromebooks/ iPads in a classroom?

How to organize technology in your classroom

I’m excited to share with you a new way I have decided to organize all my technology this year. I moved campuses this year and I was informed I would have 10 chrome-books for my class. Where do I store them? How do I teach the students to keep it organized? How will I keep all the chargers untangled? What a great problem to have!!!! That is when my plan was born, my chrome-book cart!

List of items needed:
Adhesive cable clips holder 

First you will need to adjust the space between your utility cart to allow more space to put chrome-books or iPads in and out comfortably. I left about 11 inches between the 1st and 2nd shelf. Then I left about 3 inches between the 2nd and 3rd shelf.

Next, I attached my two mesh sorters with black cable ties.
After that, I attached two adhesive cable clips. 
Finally I put a cute useful magnets to remind my students how to login to my class and provided the QR code for Seesaw which we will use often. In the bottom shelf I will put the outlet strip to charge  the chrome-books. 

I’m in love with this cart!! Not only will it be mobile but my students will have a structured routine keeping our chrome-books organized and charged. Not to mention quicker transitions as well! 
Get the labels at the link below for FREE!! 



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