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Bienvenido, My name is Jaenelly Rocha born in Passaic, New Jersey but raised in the great state of Texas. I consider myself a Texan at heart, this is all I know and love. I have a wonderful background of cultures do to my father being Colombian & my mother being Puerto Rican. Yummy, is what I can say about that. I graduated from the University of North Texas, go MEAN GREEN! I love to create, design, develop anything from my lessons to videos and photos. I love to share teaching ideas and get productive feedback, comments and suggestions from blogger like you. I can spend hours on photoshop :) which makes me wish for a professional camera! HAHA one day!!!! I am a proud 2nd grade Two-Way Dual Language Spanish Teacher. I taught 3rd grade for 2 yrs and 2nd for 5 yrs. I absolutely LOVE teaching 2nd grade! I teach Spanish Science, Language Arts and Social Studies in the Gomez & Gomez DL model. Teaching in this program is very rewarding. I love watching both my native and non-native students learn Spanish. It's amazing to sit back and watch them learn!

I am happily married to Jose Manuel for 15 years and still counting! We have the most amazing & talented son Jovani who is currently a Sophomore in High school. Ahhhhh..... I’m still in shock every time I say that! Jovani is the ultimate soccer player. He puts all his passion and heart into everything he does. He plays soccer for his school Forney High and a Select team. This mama bear passionately loves to watch her son play!!!

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