December 4, 2018

Bilingual Teacher shirts

Do you need bilingual teacher t-shirts? I am so excited to share with you my love & passion in designing bilingual teacher t-shirts. I my self am a bilingual teacher and it's truly hard to come by any bilingual teacher tees! Here you will find my latest designs I have created and hope you will find them inspirational to use in your classroom. 
My first is "Dímelo en español" which means "Say it in Spanish" Many teachers can relate with the importance for our students to speak Spanish in our classrooms. Sometimes it's even the only place they speak Spanish. So to encourage our little friends here is this lovely shirt as a reminder.
This shirt comes in 3 colors black, teal and white. To order any of my designs just click on this link: The Breezy Bilingual Shop
These are other bilingual t-shirts that you will find in my shop as well. 

  Bilingual is Beautiful - Bilingüe es Bello

Born to teach Bilinugals

Si me ven, voy camino a vacaciones or just pick the original "voy camino de Belén".

Cafecito en mi Saloncito
and their are many more designs to choose from and new designs released frequently so please visit my shop frequently for new updates!

January 21, 2018

Classroom reward system/ Classroom Incentives

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite classroom reward systems! I use this as an incentive for good behavior, working well with partners, participation and all the great things we expect from our students on a daily bases. This reward system works really well in my class and the best part of it is that you can modify & make it fit your class. This can be done multiple ways but the way I am using it now is by giving my students a ticket when I observe something that I want to continue to see in my class. Students put these ticket into a jar in which I draw names out and then they can pick a coupon of choice. I have 33 different coupons they can choose from. Anything from taking off their shoes to talking a selfie with the teacher. Click on the image below if you are interested in the reward coupons. They are bilingual both in English and Spanish. 

Today I want to put the spot light on one of my most popular coupon which is taking a selfie with the teacher using the app "Snap Chat". If a student picks that coupon they can choose the filter and we take a picture together. I then print one at school in black and white to give them their reward in a timely manner. After that I print the picture in color at home. I then display the picture at school on a special wall just for our selfies.

The best part is that students will be able to take all their color pictures home at the end of the year. I have a special cover made just for their selfies. This encourages students to cherish and take care of their pictures. In the booklet they can also write the their  grade, teacher, school, best memory, what they love about their teacher and it even has a spot for the teacher to write a special message to each student. 

This is a very simple but very effective reward system that your students will go bananas for! It makes a great end of the year gift as well for your kiddos. So... lets get to snapping teachers!
Click below if you would like to purchase the Teacher Snaps!