October 17, 2017

Postcard exchange for the classroom


I'm happy to announce that I will be creating a postcard exchange group this year and I would love for your class to join our group. Participants agree to have their students write and mail postcards to the other 49 participants. To participate you will need 49 post cards and stamps. Hint: I always ask for two postcards and two stamps from each parent. On the postcard, you can tell the other classes about your state and school. This is a great way to connect with classes around the country and give your students the opportunity to see how life is different in various regions of the United States. The exchange will be open to first come first serve basis. If interested (and your state is available), please sign up below. The deadline for signing up is Nov. 3rd. Your address will not be visible to other participants through Sign Up Genius. Therefore, as people start registering, I will create a Doc with addresses and share it with you. All participants should mail out their postcards by Feb. 28th, 2018. Postcards can include information about life in your city/state or what your school is like. 

*As a Bonus if you would like to share your class picture send it to my Instagram account @breezybilingual. This can be a platform to see each others classes and share it with our students! 

Great place to print your map at (for personal use only) Mr. Printables 

Thank you!


  1. I keep missing out on being able to sign up for Texas. keep me posted if another one opens up.

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