August 20, 2017

Using Table covers in the classroom

Tips and Tricks for the classroom using table covers

What is a new school year without stopping at Wal-mart for something? The other day I was shopping and I walked by the party decor area. Lets just say it should be called the teacher decor area. Everything in that aisle can be used in a classroom. But out of all the things one got my attention. The reversible table cover in the new metallic colors.  I found one in a metallic teal that would go perfectly. It only cost about $2.97 each and they are huge 54 in x 84 in. They come in several different colors and are reversible! Here are some ideas of what to do with these table covers.

I used some above my classroom door and put border around it. 

I also wrapped the edge of my desk to hide things underneath. Ha!! 

You can easily use it as a word wall or bulletin board background.  I also used it to cover my ugly filing cabinet. I will have to take a picture of it to show you! 

Lets me honest teachers table covers are really economical and it looks better than the butcher paper we always use. There are many table colors and designs that would fit perfectly in your classroom. Now off to the party aisles!!!

August 1, 2017

How to organize chromebooks/ iPads in a classroom?

How to organize technology in your classroom

I'm excited to share with you a new way I have decided to organize all my technology this year. I moved campuses this year and I was informed I would have 10 chrome-books for my class. Where do I store them? How do I teach the students to keep it organized? How will I keep all the chargers untangled? What a great problem to have!!!! That is when my plan was born, my chrome-book cart!

List of items needed:
Adhesive cable clips holder 

First you will need to adjust the space between your utility cart to allow more space to put chrome-books or iPads in and out comfortably. I left about 11 inches between the 1st and 2nd shelf. Then I left about 3 inches between the 2nd and 3rd shelf.

Next, I attached my two mesh sorters with black cable ties.

After that, I attached two adhesive cable clips. 

Finally I put a cute useful magnets to remind my students how to login to my class and provided the QR code for Seesaw which we will use often. In the bottom shelf I will put the outlet strip to charge  the chrome-books. 

I'm in love with this cart!! Not only will it be mobile but my students will have a structured routine keeping our chrome-books organized and charged. Not to mention quicker transitions as well! 

Get the labels at the link below for FREE!!